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We have changed our name and have a new web site. We are doing everything we did before just on a different page. We will be glad to help you with any of your cavalier rescue needs. Our new name is Cavalier Rescue of Florida.

Mid-Florida Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue

All our rescue dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and have medical issues taken care of by a vet before they are placed.  The adoptions fee range from $200 – $600 per dog and all money goes to the care of the Cavaliers.  Please also note that it sometimes takes one to two months of waiting before one becomes available that fits your or families needs. Mid Florida Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue is looking for volunteers in the entire state of Florida.
In order for you to adopt, we HAVE to get an application from you first. We wish we had time to talk to everyone that is interested, but unfortunately we are all volunteers.   Please request an application from Trisha at, and if you are interested in a particular dog, please put that on your application.  We will call you when we have a dog that fits your profile.  When you have been approved to adopt a dog, it is the adoptive owners responsibility to go and pick up the dog from when the foster family lives.
FOSTER FAMILYS NEEDED:  We are in the need of people who will be willing to foster Cavaliers and keeping them in their home and giving them the love they deserve until they are ready to go to their forever homes.  The group pays for all their vetting and medicine while they are in your care.  We need your assistance in getting them to the vet to get the services done and provide food for them while they are in your care. These dogs are between 14-30 pounds, avg. is around 25pds and are smart, sweet and loving.  We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in doing transport in the state, also people who will check references of people wanting  to adopt and also need people to do home visits of the potential new homes for the furbabies.  If you have an interest in helping this wonderful breed, please reach out to Dee Philiips at

We are changing names and moving to a new website:


Click on the link below:

A boy and his dog

      A precious story of A Boy and His Dog.  This story is a great example of why we love dogs and doing rescue.  We change not only dog’s lives, but people’s.     

If you can help our Cavaliers in need, contact Donna Miner at or send a donation:
MFCKCSCR,  855  Yorktowne Dr.,  Rockledge FL. 32956

All money donated to rescue is 100% used for the care of rescued Cavaliers. We often get in Cavaliers with serious medical conditions which require hundreds or even thousands of dollars to treat. All our dogs are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and have their teeth cleaned as well as being treated for medical conditions before they are placed.  Please help us care for our Cavaliers.






Rusty is a loving 10 year old guy who loves to sit in you lap and be petted.  He weighs in at 22 pounds and could still lose one to two more pound.  He would be fine as an only dog with an owner that can be with him.  He has the cutest behavior and you will just fall in love with him.  We don’t think he received all the love that he needed in his previous situation and so now we are looking for someone who can give him all the love that he desires.

Rusty is a typical, loving Cavalier who wants to be with his master as much as possible.  He’s current on vaccination, neutered and housebroken.   The vet recommended he be given Glucosamine, which is an inexpensive, over-the-counter, natural way to ease his arthritis.  He also said it might go away completely when he’s down to his ideal weight.

Rusty also has a Grade 3 heart murmur, but requires no heart medication, he is also microchipped.

This boy has excellent manners and will make someone a great friend.  He is being fostered in Rockledge, FL and his adoption fee is $200.00.   If you would like to give Rusty a loving forever home, please contact Trisha at and tell her your interested in Rusty.


Tally is an adorable 2 year old tri-colored cavalier.  Her picture speaks for herself.  She is heart worm clear, spayed and up to date on her shots.  Tally is a little timid when she meets you ,but after she trusts you she also follows you around and loved to lay on the couch and take a nap with her human. More to come…..  She is being fostered in Tampa, FL and her adoption fee is $550.00.    If you would like to give Tally a loving forever home, please contact Trisha at and tell her your interested in Tally.



Katie from owner 2


Katie is a sweet 2 year old tri-colored female cavalier.  She loves to play fetch and be with her human.  We are working on getting her vetted.  More to come…..   She is being fostered in Ft. Meyers, FL and her adoption fee is $550.00.    If you would like to give Katie a loving forever home, please contact Trisha at and tell her your interested in Katie.



New picture coming

Lady from vet #2-1

Lady is a 5 year old tri-colored girl that is just coming into rescue.  She is spayed, up to date on shots and heartworm clear.  She has allergies to fleas, as most Cavaliers are sensitive, and will need Comfortis (flea prevention) every 4 weeks religiously.  Her hair will be growing back in as she is taken care of like she deserves.  She is going to be fostered in Enterprise, FL and her adoption fee will be $450.00.  If you would like to give Lady a loving forever home, please contact Trisha at and tell her your interested in Lady.




Applicants to adopt are required to complete a “Preliminary Adoption Application Agreement” and “Reference Form.”
We interview 3 personal references as well as an applicant’s vet, before approving an adoption.
A volunteer from MFCKCSC Rescue visits each home where a rescue dog will be placed.
All funds collected for placing Cavaliers are used solely for the care of rescue dogs. Our rescue is operated 100% by volunteers.
  • Contact Trisha Bowley for information about our adoption process and to receive an application , at   She will provide you an application.
  • Contact Donna Miner at or  321-213-1974 if you wish to turn over a Cavalier to be rehomed.
  • Contact Dee Phillips at if you’re interested in helping or volunteering with Cavalier rescue.
Donna Miner
Director of Rescue
Melissa Smith
Assistant Director

Meet some of our Love Stories

These dogs have already been placed in loving homes.
If you own a Cavalier and must find it a new home, or if you would like to find a Cavalier to join your family,
we hope you will consider Mid-Florida CKCS Rescue to assist you in this matter. We welcome your donations
to help care for Cavaliers that need medical services.

Write a Love Story of your own.

We have Cavaliers that need loving homes.